News Release

Carl Wicklund elected Vice Chair of U.S. DOJ's Global Advisory Committee
For Immediate Release: 02/25/2008

Congratulations to APPA Executive Director Carl Wicklund on his election as Vice Chair of the U.S. Department of Justice's Global Advisory Committee (GAC).

Carl has been a member of the Global Advisory Committee for many years serving in the following capacities: Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative Advisory Committee 1998 to present; Executive Steering Committee 2004 to present; Privacy and Information Quality Working Group 2004 to present and Chair 2006 to present; Intelligence Working Group/Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council 2005 to present. He is the sole remaining inaugural member of the Advisory Committee since his appointment by former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno. His efforts to bring probation and parole issues to the attention of the Global community are vital to continued federal support for state public safety information sharing initiatives.

The Department of Justice's Global Advisory Committee (GAC), is a federal advisory committee to the U.S. Attorney General on justice-related information sharing issues. The GAC represents more than 30 independent organizations spanning the spectrum of justice- and public safety-interested constituencies. To read more about GAC, http://www.iir.com/global/committee.htm.