News Release

Broken Windows Continues With: Transforming Probation Through Leadership: The "Broken Windows" Model
For Immediate Release: 08/04/2000

Along with the Reinventing Probation Council of the Center for Civic Innovation at the Manhattan Institute, the National Association of Probation Executives (NAPE), the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA), and the Robert A. Fox Leadership Program at the University of Pennsylvania are pleased to announce the release of Transforming Probation Through Leadership: The "Broken Windows" Model, a second and more comprehensive publication on reforming and reinvigorating probation practices. This new publication provides information and examples of a reinvented probation in action.

The initial executive summary publication, "Broken Windows" Probation: The Next Step in Fighting Crime, was intended to jump-start a serious reexamination of probation across the profession. Based on the responses and the number of presentations that have taken up this topic, we have some sense that the work of reinvention has begun. A number of leading jurisdictions have already begun that work.

Transforming Probation Through Leadership: The "Broken Windows" Model, presents a new framework for reengineering current probation practices, comprehensive strategies, and examples of programs that illustrate the various elements of the "Broken Windows" model of probation in practice. There is also discussion of what steps need to be considered by those in the field who may have an interest in reinventing their own agency in the direction suggested by the model. Though much is centered on adult felony probation, the comments are applicable to the supervision of juvenile offenders who are given probation. Indeed, a significant number of the programs highlighted in this publication refer to innovative and community-focused juvenile supervision practices.

The public wants to reduce violent crime NOW. The public wants to feel safe in their communities NOW. The Reinventing Council believes that probation has reached a critical turning point in its history. The timing is right for those in the field to embrace and share accountability for taking on the daunting task of reengineering current probation practices. They believe that the days of "fortress" (office-bound) probation must give way to a new era of community or "broken windows" probation.

This publication represents the work of a baker’s dozen of veteran practitioners, including several present or former leaders of the NAPE and APPA. The focus of the group’s deliberations was on the systematic deficiencies of probation, and what strategies needed to be developed to revitalize probation as a critical and valued component of the criminal justice system.

This publication can be purchased from APPA for $10 (inclusive of shipping and handling) by contacting us via Email at (859) 244-8207.